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Collection #1: Italian Pitchers


I’m crazy about Italy and have the pottery to prove it. Here is most of my collection of Italian pitchers, some bought in Italy but many bought in garage sales, junk shops, ebay, and flea markets here at home.


The smaller pitcher was my very first, bought in Sorrento. Around the rim, it says “Bevi se puoi,” meaning “Drink if you can.” How can you drink from a Puzzle Jug with holes around the neck? Put your thumb over the secret hole under the handle, and suck in at the spigot. The liquid goes up through the handle, around the inside of the top rim, and into your mouth.


Here is a video of a Puzzle Jug being made at the V&A.

Twelve years later, I added the second pitcher. It was filled with the red house wine of a trattoria across from the Realto Bridge in Venice. Let’s just say that once the pitcher was emptied, it found its way into a large purse and ended up in New Jersey. The wine that night was potent, and resulted in my amici and me painting the bridge at midnight. Here is the wine-induced painting:



Another collection will be coming soon. Ciao!

2 thoughts on “Collection #1: Italian Pitchers

  1. Aha! you may have found a solution for us clutterbugs! Photograph the things SO THAT WE CAN part with it in the future! Then there will always be pictures, and pictures don’t collect dust. Well… not as much!


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