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Collection #2: World Globes


I love globes—the more the merrier. They look great nestled together.


I love maps, too. No GPS for me. I was the family navigator.


This is my most treasured globe. It’s from my daughter and engraved “The Best Single  Mom in the World.”


As history and political boundaries change, so do globes. To solve the mystery of the age of my globes, I followed this fun flowchart from the website XKCD. Watch out for Mordor and giant swimming rabbits.


My oldest globes (from left to right) are from 1947, 1949, and 1931. The 1931 globe, for instance, has Persia instead of Iran, Celon instead of Sri Lanka, no Pakistan, no Bangladesh, French Indochina instead of Viet Nam and Cambodia, Siam instead of Thailand, and “most of west Africa is a giant French blob.”



I used my love of maps and needlepoint to design and stitch this footstool. Red stitches indicate the places I’ve been to.


Ever wonder how globes are made? The vintage video above will let you in on the process. It’s mesmerizing.

Until next time, embrace your clutter.

4 thoughts on “Collection #2: World Globes

  1. Love them all….so many….especially the footstool with the red markings of places visited! Marvelous, darling


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