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Collection #3: Many Marys


The Madonna and Child always looked over my childhood home and stayed with me into adulthood. From two inherited plaques, my collection of Mary statues, plaques, candles, and paintings has grown.




A cluster of plaques watches over my bed. The serenity prayer was hand lettered by my uncle for my parents.



The small gold icon is a souvenir from my trip to Moscow to adopt my daughter. The stern St. Ann is my daughter’s namesake.



Mary has also found her way onto my bracelets bought from eBay artisans. The postcard is from Loreto, Italy where angels carried Mary’s house from Nazareth and deposited it safely. Really. I saw it.



And a Nativity scene wouldn’t be complete without Mary. I used a wood stump and plastic animals to make it uniquely ours.



Pope Francis isn’t technically part of the Mary collection, but how cute is he?


Until next time, embrace your clutter.








5 thoughts on “Collection #3: Many Marys

  1. Omg, I’m in awe. my name is meri and I am a collector of stuff I love. im so inspired and thankful for your blog. it makes me smile.


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