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Collection #5: Antique Picture Frames


Old. Gold. Gaudy.

That’s the way I like my antique picture frames.

Chips? Dings? Cracks? No problem.

I collect for effect, not value.

In my living room, I’ve used antique frames to display my artwork. The golden ornamentation and the subject matter of the paintings tie the whole wall together.

Each frame is unique and each Italian location is different:











The antiques dealer said this oval frame is 17th century. Really?



Elsewhere in my home, these oval frames hold family memories.



Now here’s when I start to worry that collecting can turn into hoarding. Down in the basement, I found homeless frames and artwork because there is no more room on my walls.



And here’s a stack of frames still waiting to hold art (and these are only the vintage ones—there’s run-of-the-mill contemporary frames down there, too).



I even dragged this chippy old mirror home from the curb. Yes, I may have a problem.



Here are some frames that don’t fit into my gold and gaudy taste, but they intrigued me just the same and I had to have them:


Found this little gem at an estate sale. Very cool motif, plus the darling mushrooms scene is an original ink and watercolor.



These two frames look better from the back. To put a picture in, it’s like opening an old colonial stockade door. Wish I knew more about them.


In closing, I leave you with this framed message I rescued from an office ladies room renovation:


Until next time, cherish your clutter!

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