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Collection #7: Cows


I have loved cows for their spotty graphic quality, and also for their sweet natures, melty eyes, and mellow moos. Two of this herd are creamers—the orange and white one from Czechoslovakia.



My favorite cow I call Tulip. She’s a tribute to Mother Nature and a commemorative figurine from the NYC Cow Parade in 2000.



I photographed New Jersey cows against their red barn—love the patterns!



Years ago, I made this linoleum print of a paisley cow and painted the frame.



During a crafting phase, I stenciled more paisley cows on a refinished farm table and a wooden box.



The inside of the box holds my cow jewelry.



In the kitchen, my cows could serve a meal.



And it would be strange to fill any of these with liquid other than milk.



Did I adopt Oliver for his cow-like markings? Well, that black patch was irresistible!


Until next time, cherish your clutter!

3 thoughts on “Collection #7: Cows

  1. Wow. Love your cow collection. Want to see your jewelry worn on your beautiful self. Enjoyed this collection so moooch


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