Collection #11: Chairs, Chairs, Chairs!


I have an obsession for chairs—more for their aesthetic than comfort. I find them at garage sales, antique stores, and even at the curb on junk night. Some of them I refurbish into a whole new look.


Red Renewals


My pride and joy is my Throne. It was a faux-Tuscan contemporary dining room chair discarded on the curb with a broken wheel.

The Throne before

I snagged it and could immediately see its future personality. I fixed the wheel, painted the frame, and added new upholstery. It’s even comfy.



I snagged this vintage chair at a garage sale. I wouldn’t dare paint the beautiful woodwork, but I changed the fabric to match The Throne.



I love the elegance of the deco shape of this armchair (and look at those arms!). I designed and needlepointed the seat inspired by the label of a bottle of Cynar (an Italian liqueur made from artichokes), plus eggplant, tomatoes, and grapes that remind me of Italy.



This chair had belonged to my aunt and was hunter green leather (cracked). As a birthday gift to me, my parents took a reupholstery class and used the chair as their project. They were special people.


Cabin Chair Fever


When I bought a summer cabin, it came furnished with chairs probably from the thirties that came in my favorite colors. Serendipity.



Years before getting the cabin, I bought a rocking chair at a garage sale since I’ve always loved rocking chairs. But in reality, I had no place to put it. Then my cabin had a perfect spot on the sun porch. Serendipity 2.



Cruising around on junk night, I found two bamboo chairs on the curb. Score! I only needed to make new cushions for their new home at the cabin. Serendipity 3. Gee, I should have named the cabin “Serendipity” instead of “Studio del Lago.”


Kids Stuff


This little blue rocker was my baby chair. For the next generation, I painted this unfinished chair yellow for my baby.



Then my baby found these two child-sized chairs on the curb and brought them home to her mama. I’ve taught her well.


SHHHHHH. The Library


Nothing beats vintage library/office chairs for sturdy wood and curvy, but blocky, shapes.



I found this chair in the basement of an antiques shop. I bought it for the shape. It looked like it had been in a fire, and it was missing its cane seat. But it makes a great book shelf.


The Future


Another curbside find. This rattan chair is missing a leg and, admittedly, in bad shape. But I’m not giving up on it. I love the pattern of the back and I can picture it painted in thin stains of colors. I need to revive the chair before my daughter drags it back to the curb. I’ll keep you posted.


Until next time, have a seat and cherish your clutter!




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