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Collection #14: Travel Sketchbooks, Part 3—England

Through my sketchbooks, I’ve taken you through China, Italy, and now England.

My talented friend, Polly—an artist, Anglophile, and bricoleur—created a brilliant sketching itinerary through England for the two of us. Art supplies in hand, we drove off on the wrong side of the street and sipped tea from up in The Lake District and down to The English Channel, with many points in between.

Painting Back in History

We stayed in a stone home in the misty Yorkshire Dales.


A pilgrimage to Charleston, home to the Bloomsbury Group of artists and writers, was a must! And then on to Sissinghurst Castle Garden.


On we continued, painting the landscape and quaint villages.






A Shocking Surprise

This last painting I did on a street corner in the well-preserved historical town of Rye, totally unaware of the shock that was waiting for me.


I finished my work, packed up and headed down the narrow cobbled sidewalks toward our B&B. Suddenly, my eyes locked on a very familiar face walking towards me. My jaw dropped to the sidewalk, but I had to courage to ask PAUL MCCARTNEY if I could shake his hand. And I did. It was dry and meaty.

Turned out he and Linda had a farm in the area and were handing out flyers for a benefit concert for the local hospital. Polly and I were leaving and unable to attend. But I had touched my teen idol (and took a photo of my hand later). I had seen the Beatles in concert, and had seen Wings in concert in Liverpool—each time hoping I could meet Paul. So the third time was the charm! I only had to wait 26 years.

Until next time, cherish your clutter.


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