Travel Sketchbooks

Collection #14: Travel Sketchbooks—China, Part 1

The most intimate way to experience a place is to draw it in a sketchbook—to see every detail and absorb the entire atmosphere (the sounds and smells, the light and shadows) around your subject. I’m lucky I’ve been able to experience some of the world this way. My sketchbooks are the first possessions I would… Continue reading Collection #14: Travel Sketchbooks—China, Part 1

Chairs · Globes · Needlework

Collection #13: Needlework

I have needlecraft in my genes—my grandfather was a tailor and my grandmother was a charter member of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union.   My grandmother’s specialty was crochet. She made this afghan while watching her soap operas and Perry Mason.   My mother preferred embroidery, especially cross-stitch.   Following my legacy, I began… Continue reading Collection #13: Needlework


Collection #10: And more Italian majolica

I’ve already posted about my Italian pitchers and my Italian plates , but my obsession for Italian pottery continues beyond those objects. So I’ve gathered all the rest of my pieces into this random collection and that should conclude the majolica tour of Italy. In my early days of searching all things Italian on eBay,… Continue reading Collection #10: And more Italian majolica

Vintage Children's Books

Collection #9: Vintage Children’s Books

I love vintage children’s books from my vintage childhood (some passed down from my vintage cousins). Who knew my very early fascination with the illustrations from these books would lead me to my adult career—being an art director and working with many talented illustrators, and doing some illustration work myself.   I still treasure the… Continue reading Collection #9: Vintage Children’s Books